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Are you, as a health / beauty professional, looking for pure, natural skin care?

Enfleur Pure & Natural is a whole sales company, offering products based on gentle, safe and effective natural ingredients. Our moto is: "Protect your natural beauty through natural skin care for a healthy, beautiful skin." Daily skin care is important to safeguard your skin's youth and protect against the many harmful environmental factors. Unfortunately, many traditional skin care lines themselves are the cause of a bad condition of the skin. Synthetic impure ingredients, too aggressive preservatives, too strong active substances and sickening perfumes have caused problems for many people. Based on thorough research and careful selection of natural ingredients, Enfleur has developed a range of products that improve the condition of the skin and keep it healthy. Particular attention has also been paid to mainting or bringing back a healhty skin barrier. Our products are ideal for drier skin types and people who want to prevent skin aging in a healthy way.

For who?

Our collection is suitable for professionals

of different specialisms:

  • Beauty & Wellness

  • Foot Care

  • Hand Care

  • Skin Therapy

  • Bio shops

  • Midwifes/nurses...

Our assets...

Our portfolio can be used as your basic skin care collection but can also be interesting as a supplement to your existing range.

A new or additional collection requires the necessary attention. We are happy to assist you with the introduction of the new products. Honest and open communication is essential with us. If you would like more information about ingredients and their effects, you can ask any question you want and we will be happy to help you find all the answer. We are happy to share experience in product development and help you grow in your job as a beauty professional. With us there is no obligation for a minimum purchase. This gives you the flexibility to gain experience and grow at your own pace

Would you like more information or would you like an introductory visit?

Please contact us via the button below ...

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